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Logical Service

A particular way of thinking, especially one that is reasonable and based on good judgement

How we’re redefining ‘Logical’

More choices and transparency to reduce costs.

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Transparency and keeping it simple is key.

One size does not fit all! We appreciate that you may have the negotiation skills, but you may not know which manufacturers to negotiate with! We understand that you may know what automation or re-design you want, but you haven’t the knowledge or time to manage the project. We know that worrying that you might not have enough packaging during your peak periods is a stress you don't need. This is where we can help. By gaining an understanding of what your business is about; we can use our experience, relationships and knowledge to give you the logical solution(s) you need.

Logical services we offer


Contingency Solutions.

  • As a secondary supplier on key lines we plan and manage an agreed % of customers usage.
  • Extensive options of supply in emergency or risk situations through our relationships, product and industry knowledge.
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Packaging Brokering.

  • Source a full range of packaging or key products through our relationships, product and industry knowledge.
  • A new way to manage supply chains, driving cost out of operations.
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Transparent pricing and sourcing.

  • Explaining our costing and profit models in managing our customers packaging supply.
  • Visibility of manufacturer, supply chain and product detail.
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Project Management.

  • Manage the transition of packaging product(s) or processes.
  • Support product launches and brand management.
  • Lead Automation implementation.
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Quality Control.

  • Managing Brand guidelines.
  • Training in effective process and packing to reduce damage and waste.
  • Product quality and compliance (environmental/closed loop, etc).

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