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Our Sector Summary

Simply put, we supply packaging to businesses that need it. But there is so much more to it, if you want there to be. Packaging can be seen as the necessary evil, to get something from A to B, or that last stressful part of the jigsaw to get your product out the door. Packaging can also be that thing that sparks curiosity and intrigue, it can leave a lasting impression, or be the thing your child plays with rather than the present inside! We understand and want to help. We feel we know our customers, but we want to know them better.

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Ecommerce and Retail.

The shopping experience has been anything but consistent over recent years but we believe consistency is key in a great packaging partner. High street brands, online shops and start ups often have similar packaging requirements, but their priorities are often different.

Trends and competition are ever changing in this space, we make sure our customers keep moving forward from a packaging perspective.

We know our customers:

  • Need product design and testing
  • Require packaging that protects products and represents their brand
  • Want Industry insight and data to support the topics that matter to them
  • Marketing strategies are fluid, causing spikes in forecasts without time for planning
  • May change their brand image or want to promote range quickly
  • Damages and returns can cause significant impact on profits and customer experience
Moving Box


The word Logistics covers such a wide range of businesses in today’s world. Third Party Logistic providers, Storage, Distribution, Fulfilment, assembly and pick and pack operations to name a few. The packaging management can be an excellent value added service that many providers offer their customers, therefore it is crucial they have a reliable, agile packaging partner. We know how important the “7 R’s” are in this Industry – the Right Product, in the Right Quantity, in the Right condition, at the Right place, at the Right time, to the Right customer, at the Right price.

We know our customers:

  • Need consistent supply across multi sites
  • May have an operation with multiple customers in one location
  • Automation needs to show a ROI within their customers contract term
  • Speed, productivity and efficiency are key metrics for performance
  • Space can be limited and changes quickly without notice
  • Are sometime reliant on their customers forecasts



Local distributors and manufacturers.

You could argue that supporting local businesses has never been more important than it is today. We focus on our customers products arriving to their destination in one piece, at a cost that works, at the time they agreed. Our range of services ensures customers have the right packaging, when they need it, with as little or as much support from us as they need.  

We know our customers:

  • May need flexible, reliable delivery options
  • Often want to leverage off their suppliers size, scale and relationships
  • Would like having regular visits, supporting forecast management
  • Could need design and technical support
  • Like the flexibility of a stock and serve offering
  • Want insight from their market and their region                                                       

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