Strapping Stapling & Adhesives

Products and equipment to help maintain the integrity and quality of palletised loads.

Originally made only from steel, strapping has seen many developments and changes over recent years.

Developments in plastics and adhesives has resulted in vast amounts of options when selecting the best strapping products for your application. 

However, we believe that there are still many businesses using the incorrect breaking strain of strapping or the incorrect equipment to get the best results from their banding.

A few points to consider:

  • Have you increased the strapping required to stabilise a load?
  • Is the brand of glue you use consistent?
  • Can you use hand held or fixed machinery to increase speed when strapping?

The products listed and the images shared on this page are just a small fraction of the range we supply:

  • Polypropylene strapping
  • Polyester strapping
  • Bale strapping
  • Buckles and seals
  • Edge board and corner protectors
  • Strapping kits
  • Manual dispensers and cutters
  • Battery operated tools
  • Strapping machines

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