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Cardboard Boxes

Did you know, in the 2020/2021 fiscal year, 4.2 billion parcels were sent. That’s a 1.3 billion increase in parcels sent in 2019/2020.

Cardboard box consultancy and manufacturing

Titan Packaging is a leading supplier of corrugated cardboard boxes. We understand just how vast the sizes, choices and options are when it comes to cardboard boxes and the corrugate market; from eCommerce boxes to die-cut postal boxes and double wall boxes, choosing the right box for the job isn’t always easy. 

Through design, sampling, testing, sourcing and stock holding, we remove the complexity of purchasing cardboard boxes and commercial packaging. With years of experience under our belts, we work with you to design and develop cardboard packaging that reflects your brand’s values and delivers the best possible experience for your customers.

We’re committed to supplying our customers with high quality, cost-effective and sustainable cardboard packaging that will keep products safe from the moment they leave the depot, right up until they reach their final destination. 

When you choose Titan Packaging to facilitate your cardboard packaging needs, you can rest assured your customers will have the best packaging experience possible. 

Sustainable cardboard  packaging

Did you know, 82% of the respondents who recalled purchasing FSC labelled products said they are influenced by the label when buying (Globescan).

As the demand for cardboard packaging grows, so does the demand for renewable and responsibly sourced packaging. At Titan Packaging we know just how powerful FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) cardboard packaging is. Not only does FSC certified packaging ensure all cardboard is sustainably sourced, but it can communicate a brand’s commitment to sustainability, therefore influencing conversions.

Alternatively, Titan can help you close the loop when it comes to recycling, by sourcing fully recycled corrugated board packaging that can be recycled by the end-user. This means you can work towards achieving carbon-neutral packaging and communicate your environmentally friendly credentials.

Branding plays a huge part in product packaging. When you choose Titan for your cardboard packaging, branding the interior and exterior of the boxes. From adding thank you messages to QR codes that offer more information on the product or packaging itself, choosing the right box style can take your packaging to the next level, ensuring your customers keep coming back to your brand.  

How to choose the right cardboard packaging for your business: 

When it comes to choosing the right cardboard boxes, you should ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Is a box the most effective way for you to transport your product? 
  • What grade of box do you need?...Not what grade of box do you have?
  • Does your box have the environmental credentials your business expects?
  • Does your product need further protection or should the box fit to the size of the product?

At Titan Packaging, we supply the following cardboard boxes: 

  • Single and double wall boxes
  • Standard ecommerce boxes
  • Bespoke branded ecommerce boxes 
  • Bespoke sizes
  • BDCM1 boxes
  • Pallet boxes
  • Bespoke cardboard picking locations
  • Postal boxes
  • Twist wrap mailers
  • Book wrap mailers

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