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Tape has evolved to be the one of the most used packaging products in the World.

Tape was invented in 1845 by a Surgeon to keep material on patients wounds, then developed into “sticky tape” by Richard Drew in 1930. Since then the product has evolved to be the one of the most used packaging products in the World.

It is only until you are in a sector or using a product that you appreciate the variations; Tape is a great example of this. Size, adhesive, colours, material, strength are only a few of the considerations.

Through increased logistic activity and ecommerce growth, labels have become an important requirement within supply chains. The product can often be complex, with many different applications.

Is paper tape better for the environment? Should I have my brand on the tape? Does any label work on my machines? At Titan, we work hard to answer all these questions for you.

A few points to consider:

  • How long will the tape be on the package?
  • Do you have the right type of adhesive on the tape and is it important to you?
  • How many packages do you label? Is the function automated?
  • Does the product represent your brand correctly?
  • What temperature are you operating in?

The products listed and the images shared on this page are just a small fraction of the range we supply;

  • Wide range of adhesive tapes
  • Tape dispensers
  • Paper gummed tape
  • Kraft paper tape
  • Bonus tape
  • Bespoke branded tapes
  • Standard warning printed tapes
  • Tape sealing machinery

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