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What Can A Great Unboxing Experience Do For Your Brand?

  • 4th July 2022
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Unboxing products is an online phenomena that’s placed increasing pressure on brands to deliver an exceptional packaging experience. 

According to Yahoo Tech, the very first unboxing video was published on YouTube in 2006, by video production company, Aradius Media Network. They filmed someone opening what was then a brand new Symbian Nokia E61, and the rest is history.

According to Think With Google, “the amount of time people spent watching unboxing videos on their phones is the equivalent of watching the holiday classic "Love Actually" more than 20 million times.

The demand for unboxing videos has grown tenfold. Unboxing videos often take a spot in YouTube’s most watched videos list. 

Searches for the term ‘unboxing video’ have increased since 2006, (as shown in the Google Trends graph below). Now we’re seeing branded searches being thrown into the mix, such as ‘iPhone unboxing’ ‘Xbox unboxing’ and ‘Beauty Bay unboxing’. 

The hashtag #unboxing has over 31.2B views on TikTok and over 2,900,00 posts on Instagram.

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Google trends graph showing increase in unboxing video search term since 2004.

If a brand wants to stand out from its competitors, deliver an impactful customer experience and create a long-lasting impression, the best way to do it is through packaging. 

And it's not just customers who love a good unboxing experience; we’re hooked on unboxing videos. 

Why are we obsessed with unboxing videos?

According to Psychology and Marketing, a study found that, “attractive packaging stimulates the reward-seeking areas of the brain that are associated with impulse purchasing.” 

It’s also thought that people love unboxing videos because they’re, “an extension of "show and tell" from our childhood.” They also suggest that unboxing, “builds customer experience,  but not in the traditional sense” (TotalRetail). 

When we shop online, we want a similar tangible experience to that of a physical shop. From the music to displays, a brick and mortar store tells a customer everything they need to know about the brand. 

It’s difficult for a brand to deliver physical experience through a website, but can be done through high-quality, branded packaging. 

These videos drive customer loyalty - if someone is willing to purchase a company’s product and film themselves unboxing it, they’re telling their viewers the product is worth the money. And it makes sense 81% of people research goods online before they buy - that unboxing video might help them make that all important decision

For retailers and eCommerce brands that specialise in luxury goods, you need Instagram and TikTok worthy packaging that will make people want to share their shopping experience. 

How to create a killer unboxing experience for your brand

Use branded boxes 

A simple, brown cardboard box simply won’t cut the mustard anymore. If retailers and ecommerce businesses want to stand out from the crowd, they need branded boxes that are instantly recognisable. 

This will ensure brand consistency from the moment the item has been purchased through to it being delivered and opened. 

Choosing the right sized packaging for the product

When it comes to product packaging, size really does matter. If the box is too big or too small, it’s an unboxing nightmare waiting to happen. 

For companies with a range of products in different sizes, or businesses that offer deals where people can order multiple products, they should think about the size of the boxes they need.

It isn’t always sustainable or cost-effective to get several different size boxes - especially when using two or three boxes with void cushioning will do the job. From branded tissue paper or coloured paper based voidfill to biodegradable inflated air pillows, void cushioning will keep products safe and make a long lasting impression of a brand. 

Think about your packaging design from start to finish

Packaging plays a really important part in marketing a product. When retailers put thought into the design of their packaging, they’re demonstrating that they want to deliver a premium experience. 

Consumers prefer gift style packaging - a survey by Dotcom Distribution revealed that 45% of customers think ‘gift-like’ packaging makes a brand appear more ‘upscale’. 

One brand who does this really well is a high-end British luxury fashion brand, Fairfax and Favor. The premium retailers are renowned for their premium packaging and excellent customer service. Their exceptional packaging has created brilliant impressions, with packaging getting its very own reviews online. 

The outer box is plain on the outside, and customers get a glimpse of Fairfax and Favor’s unmistakable branding when they open the tearstrip revealing their iconic #blueboxdelivery messaging. 

To make the most of the #unboxing phenomenon, Fairfax and Favor crafted a #blueboxdelivery hashtag, which offers an abundance of user generated content for them to share, and builds on brand awareness and authority.

The deep navy blue box and gold foil box contains QR codes that their customers can scan to access even more content online. Their products are packaged in beautiful dust bags, and they offer a brown kraft paper with a luxury printed ribbon and sealed with a wax stamp  for gift wrap. Perfectly classic and premium.

Luxury packaging should always:

  • Be instantly recognisable and reflect the brand. 
  • Feature a visually appealing and recognisable colour palette that works with the brand’s colours.  
  • Convey any messages about new products or any online or physical events happening. 
  • Feature easy to read text that doesn’t clutter the packaging. 
  • Utilise premium materials. 
  • Uses recyclable and sustainable materials. 

Personalise your packaging 

Personalisation is a great way to elevate the unboxing experience, as it makes customers feel like the company they’ve purchased from really values their business. For smaller retailers, a hand-written thank you note can go a long way. For larger retailers that handle hundreds of orders a day, they can print out automated personalised notes. 

Custom void cushioning, labels and adhesives is another great way to personalise and upscale the experience. It also encourages customers to share their unboxing experience on social media. 

Create the very best unboxing experience with Titan Packaging

For retailers and ecommerce brands to succeed no matter how big or small, they need to create an unboxing experience that’s worth sharing. 

At Titan Packaging, we’ve got years of experience in delivering luxury packaging consultancy to brands across the globe. Using the latest packaging technology, automation and machinery, we can help you deliver a truly exceptional packaging experience. Get in touch and find out more.

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Written by: Anna Punch Sales Director

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